Membership FAQ


How do I get a ticket to a show?


Super Secret Arts doesn’t have tickets the way most live arts producers do. We’re built on a membership model. It’s essentially Netflix for live performance.


To come to a Super Secret Arts show, you either purchase a membership and then reserve a seat (for free), or come as a one-off guest of an existing member. Membership gives you unlimited, free access to all the shows happening on a monthly basis, space permitting. It’s like a $25 ticket that gets you in all month long. Going forward, that’s about 25 shows a month. It also gives you the ability to bring guests for $15/person to any of those shows.


Beginning in April, that membership will also entitle you to access to an array of digital offerings, including virtual reality versions of our live shows, exclusive video and audio content, and digital-only installations.


Does my membership auto-renew?


Yes, on a monthly basis, for the same rate of $25.

But there’s only one show in February!


If you’re a new member that signs up in February, your initial $25 gets you unlimited access until April 1st, when your billing cycle will renew. If you’re an existing member, your membership also won’t renew until April 1st.


How do I cancel my membership?


You can either login to your account on, click on ‘your account’ and click cancel. Or, if you’d prefer, you can email us at to request cancellation and we can take care of it for you. Regardless, you’ll still have free access to our shows for the remainder of your current pay period!


Do I have to sign up in advance? Or can I just show up and buy a membership at the box office?


It helps us streamline the process if you do sign up and reserve seats in advance, but you can absolutely sign up (and purchase seats for any guests) when you arrive at the venue. QR codes linking to the sign-up page are prominently displayed in the lobby and entrance foyer. Simply scan the code, sign up, and show your confirmation email to the staff member at the door.


Can I buy a ticket for a guest at the door?


Yes, you can buy access for guests for $15/person at the door, whether you bought your membership ahead of time, or at the venue. We accept Venmo, cash, and credit cards.

I just want to come to one show. Can I just buy a single ticket?


If you only want to come to a single, specific show, you have two options: 1) Sign up for the membership, and then cancel immediately (though you would still have free access all month long!), or 2) you could go with someone that is a member as a guest of theirs for $15, with no further obligation on your part. 


Ok I’m a member- what does this $25 monthly subscription give me?


Your membership gives you unlimited, free access to all of the shows happening in our Gowanus venue, space-permitting. Going forward, that’s about 25 shows a month. It also gives you the ability to bring guests for $15/person to any of those shows.


Beginning in Q1 of 2022, that membership will also entitle you to access to an array of digital offerings, including virtual reality versions of our live shows, exclusive video and audio content, and digital-only installations.


Where do the shows happen?


Currently, all shows happen at our Gowanus venue on the second floor of 400 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215. We’re a short walk from 4th and 9th FGR, and the B103 stops right outside our door. We’re around the corner from the Gowanus Whole Foods, if that helps.


The BYOB thing – what’s the deal?


We’re in the process of acquiring a beer and wine license – in the meantime, you can purchase non-alcoholic beverages and snacks at our concession stand, and, if you’re 21+, bring your own beer, cider, and wine. Please no hard liquor.


What are your COVID policies?


We want everyone to be safe and stay healthy as we all traverse what is hopefully the tail end of the pandemic. We require proof of vaccination and a matching photo ID for entrance to any of our shows and events. We encourage mask wearing while not actively eating or drinking.

Monday, Feb. 28 - Friday, Mar 4
Saturday Mar. 5


Cosmic Cherry Arts Festival (Full Line Up Below)

Curated and co-produced by Make/Shift and This Is Akin, Cosmic Cherry Arts Festival is an annual, all-inclusive celebration of femininity, empowerment and gender nonconformity, featuring the work of dozens of femme and genderqueer artists. These works include writing (film, theater, narrative, poetry), performance art, visual art, video, movement, music, and comedy.

Formerly known as SHE Creates, we have recently rebranded in order to provide a more gender inclusive platform for our artists and makers. Cosmic Cherry derives from the festival's blend of the magical creative energy our artists bring with a powerful punch of bad*ssery. This festival is meant to make our artists and audiences feel sexy, empowered, and full of that cosmic creative goodness. 

This festival started in 2018 as a one-night all-inclusive celebration of femme and genderqueer artists. And it has evolved year after year to showcase the amazing work of dozens of artists. For more info on our past festivals, click here

This year, we are super excited to invite you for a week-long festival that will be featuring several performing acts, a visual arts gallery, concessions bar and a vendor market.

We hope you’ll join us for drink, food, art, and celebration!




7:00PM        Doors Open

7:30PM        The Rice Paddy Show Presents: Ashni Mehta & Kyle Marian

7:45PM        Oh No… I Hope I Don’t Fall

8:00PM        Break

8:15PM        Happy Birthday, Curiosity Rover!



7:00PM        Doors Open

7:30PM        Oh No… I Hope I Don’t Fall

7:45PM        The Rice Paddy Show Presents: Claire Tadokoro & Yeganeh Mafaher

8:00PM        Break

8:15PM        am i busy yet?



7:00PM        Doors Open

7:30PM        The Rice Paddy Show Presents: Gerrie Lim & Patricia Dinglasan

7:45PM        Oh No… I Hope I Don’t Fall

8:00PM        Break

8:15PM        Guilty Party



7:00PM        Doors Open

7:30PM        Martina San Diego

7:45PM        The Rice Paddy Show Presents: Dr. Dee & Claire Yoo

8:00PM        Break

8:15PM        am i busy yet?



7:00PM        Doors Open

7:30PM        Guilty Party

8:15PM        Martina San Diego

8:30PM        Break

8:45PM        Happy Birthday, Curiosity Rover!



5:00 PM    Doors Open

5:30 PM    Oh No… I Hope I Don’t Fall

5:45 PM    am i busy yet?

6:30 PM    Break

6:45 PM    Martina San Diego

7:00 PM    The Guilty Party

7:45 PM    Break

8:00 PM    The Rice Paddy Show Presents: Gerrie Lim & Ann Chun

8:15 PM    Happy Birthday, Curiosity Rover!

9:00 PM    Post-Show Mingle


The Rice Paddy Show Presents - Lead Artist: Gerrie Lim (they/them)

  • The Rice Paddy is an all-Asian comedy show that features talent from across the Asian ethnicities. The grain unites us all!


Rice Paddy Logo.PNG


2/28: Ashni Mehta, Kyle Marian

3/1: Claire Tadokoro, Yeganeh Mafaher

3/2: Gerrie Lim, Patricia Dinglasan

3/3: Dr. Dee, Claire Yoo

3/5: Gerrie Lim, Ann Chun


Producer: Gerrie Lim is a writer, standup comedian, and photographer from Alabama. They produce the all-Asian comedy show Rice Paddy. You can find them across the internet at @gerrieyaki. They are left-handed.

Oh No… I Hope I Don’t Fall - Lead Artist: Sara Ornelas (she/her)

  • Sara is in a classic “will they won’t they” with her EP, and is going to perform her new music live for the first time to light the necessary fire under her juicy ass. She would tell you what her genre is, but it took her 28 years to memorize her Big 3 soo it’s a surprise for all of us. If it helps: Leo sun- mostly loud, Aries rising- but also angry?, Gemini moon- buuut mostly confused

707DC400-A9B3-48F1-893A-F6C08E1D4655 - Sara Ornelas.jpeg

Sara Ornelas was born and raised deep in the heart of Texas and wears her Mexican roots proudly, and is the daughter of two very conservative parents who are SOO happy she’s queer! 

This actor, singer, musician has coped with these few years by turning 28 again *who’s gonna know, putting the word “respectfully” after saying “fuck you”, and developing a nice relationship with her tattoo artist. 

Happy Birthday, Curiosity Rover! - Lead Artist: Laura Galindo (she/her)

  • A play with music about a large machine and a mysterious alien and the way an encounter, any encounter, can help us ask what we didn't know to ask before.

headshot - Laura Galindo.jpg

Laura Galindo is a queer Colombian multi-hyphenated music and theatre artist, working in the creation and performance of both mediums and deeply interested in how they intersect. In the world of theatre, she is a current Makers Lab resident at Ars Nova where she is in the middle of a long-term development of an original musical. In the world of music, she’s just released the EP In Front of Your TV, which she wrote and co-produced. Her band plays consistently around NYC. To catch the next live Laura Galindo experience, follow along online @thelauragalindo.

am i busy yet? - Lead Artist: Malena Pennycook (she/they)

  • Dear Craigslist, it's Gus. i need help finishing my to-do list... u up?? An interactive play by Malena Pennycook. 

Malena Pennycook HS - Malena Pennycook.jpg

Malena Pennycook is an Austin/Brooklyn based theatre artist making work about womxn with unusual impulses. Malena has performed in and developed new plays with The Public's Under the Radar, The Kennedy Center, Santa Cruz Shakespeare, The Flea Theatre, Fresh Ground Pepper, Dixon Place, The Brick and more. She is a recipient of the Richie Jackson Artistic Fellowship. Malena is a current MFA Playwriting Candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. BFA NYU Tisch Experimental Theatre Wing.@malenapennycook

Guilty Party - Lead Artists: Sophia Metcalf, Sage Newman, and A Granite Garden

  • Guilty Party is a living newspaper about gender, sex, the pandemic, and the self-discoveries we make through heartbreak.

sophia_metcalf copy - Sophia Metcalf.jpg

Sophia K. Metcalf (they/them) is an NYC-based actor, singer, musician, and writer. Recent credits include: Netflix’s I Am No Longer Here and Feste in Twelfth Night (The Acting Company; Irvington Shakespeare). Other favorites include: The Penelopiad, In The Next Room (The Vibrator Play), Human Error, Oh What a Lovely War!, Macbeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Romeo and Juliet. They have their MFA In Acting from UC Irvine and their BA from McGill University. Thanks to parents Jenn and Tim, and managers at MC Talent. IG @sophiakmetcalf.

Sage Newman Headshot - Sophia Metcalf.jpg

Sage Newman is an NYC-based performer who originally hails from Vancouver, BC. They most recently appeared as Sebastian in Irvington Shakespeare Company’s inaugural production of Twelfth Night. Prior to that, they were a member of Chautauqua Theater Company's 2019 acting conservatory, where they performed in such shows as A Midsummer Night's Dream, One Man, Two Guvnors, and Preston Max Allen's Agent 355. Favorite theatrical credits include the staged reading of Epic Fog’s new musical Dublin Rising, Three of Cups’ actor-musician production of Spring Awakening, plus productions of Mamma Mia!, Seussical, Hamlet, The Tempest, Salt-Water Moon, Julius Caesar, and Grease. Film/TV credits include New Amsterdam, I Won the Lottery, Homicide City, and award-winning web series Assigned Female at Birth. Instagram & Twitter: @sagebnewman

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 1.47.18 PM - Sophia Metcalf.png

A Granite Garden started out of necessity. It was a way for two people in a long distance relationship to break the monotony of basic communication. Over two years, Seamus would write guitar parts and Cameron would create the melodies. They collaborate on lyrics and sometimes enlisted the help of their friend Emma Payne. Since moving to New York Cameron and Seamus have started to share their music under the name A Granite Garden. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter in their relationship, one that is not about surviving apart, but thriving together. IG: @agranitegarden

Martina San Diego


  • Singer-songwriter performing a collection of released and unreleased original songs.

ZK_07075 - Martina San Diego.jpg

Martina San Diego is a Filipina-American singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist.


Having lived in the Philippines, Virginia, New York City and now Atlanta, Martina draws from her hyphenated experiences to craft & inspire her distinctive ethereal, alternative folk sound.


Always in a contemplative headspace, her music will leave you feeling wistful and nostalgic for simpler times.

Cosmic Cherry Line Up (1).png