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Tickets and Reservations

Free for members
$15 for guests of members
$39 at the door for non-members*

*Limited supply of tickets at the door

Membership FAQ


How do I get a ticket to a show?


Super Secret Arts doesn’t have tickets the way most live arts producers do. We’re built on a membership model. It’s essentially Netflix for live performance.


To come to a Super Secret Arts show, you either purchase a membership and then reserve a seat (for free), or come as a one-off guest of an existing member. Membership gives you unlimited, free access to all the shows happening on a monthly basis, space permitting. It’s like a $25 ticket that gets you in all month long. Going forward, that’s about 25 shows a month. It also gives you the ability to bring guests for $15/person to any of those shows.


Beginning in April, that membership will also entitle you to access to an array of digital offerings, including virtual reality versions of our live shows, exclusive video and audio content, and digital-only installations.


Does my membership auto-renew?


Yes, on a monthly basis, for the same rate of $25.


How do I cancel my membership?


You can either login to your account on, click on ‘your account’ and click cancel. Or, if you’d prefer, you can email us at to request cancellation and we can take care of it for you. Regardless, you’ll still have free access to our shows for the remainder of your current pay period!


Do I have to sign up in advance? Or can I just show up and buy a membership at the box office?


It helps us streamline the process if you do sign up and reserve seats in advance, but you can absolutely sign up (and purchase seats for any guests) when you arrive at the venue. QR codes linking to the sign-up page are prominently displayed in the lobby and entrance foyer. Simply scan the code, sign up, and show your confirmation email to the staff member at the door.


Can I buy a ticket for a guest at the door?


Yes, you can buy access for guests for $15/person at the door, whether you bought your membership ahead of time, or at the venue. We accept Venmo, cash, and credit cards.

I just want to come to one show. Can I just buy a single ticket?


If you only want to come to a single, specific show, you have two options: 1) You could go with someone that is a member as a guest of theirs for $15, with no further obligation on your part or 2) we have a limited number of single tickets available at the door ($30 for repertory programming, $39 for mainstage shows).


Ok I’m a member- what does this $25 monthly subscription give me?


Your membership gives you unlimited, free access to all of the shows happening in our Gowanus venue, space-permitting. Going forward, that’s about 25 shows a month. It also gives you the ability to bring guests for $15/person to any of those shows.


Beginning in Q1 of 2022, that membership will also entitle you to access to an array of digital offerings, including virtual reality versions of our live shows, exclusive video and audio content, and digital-only installations.


Where do the shows happen?


Currently, all shows happen at our Gowanus venue on the second floor of 400 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215. We’re a short walk from 4th and 9th FGR, and the B103 stops right outside our door. We’re around the corner from the Gowanus Whole Foods, if that helps.

What are your COVID policies?


We want everyone to be safe and stay healthy as we all traverse what is hopefully the tail end of the pandemic. We require proof of vaccination and a matching photo ID for entrance to any of our shows and events. We encourage mask wearing while not actively eating or drinking.

Thursday, July 7
Friday, July 8
Sunday, July 10

7:00pm Doors
7:30pm Show


SHATTERED: A Drama in Two Acts

 This is a tragedy that ends with a baby. This is a play about America. Kids have a knack for absorbing cultural information and reflecting it back in ways that reveal us to ourselves: when a child speaks we should listen. 


SHATTERED is the two-act tragedy that Ben Freeman wrote at the end of elementary school that tells the story of the Thatchers, a family in Revolutionary War-era Philadelphia encountering the world changing rapidly around them. There are across-enemy-lines romances; a literal shotgun wedding; long soliloquies to God; deaths by murder, suicide, and tuberculosis. As Phoebe Nir wrote in a review of the first staging of this project back in 2011, “What makes ‘Shattered’ so funny is the felt presence of its ten-year old author, the touching and transparent desire to impress that makes characters use every fancy vocabulary word he knows, cite a Social Studies textbook worth of colonial trivia, and soliloquize to the heavens with alarming frequency. We see what he was trying to achieve simultaneous with his delightful failure, and it makes for a roaring good time.” This July, come see SHATTERED as it’s never been seen before – as an immersive theatrical experience.


There are three opportunities to come play with us:

  • Thursday, July 7, we’ll hold a TASK party, a simple structure for creativity and collaboration devised by the contemporary artist Oliver Herring. Come for the good music and the opportunity to warm up the space with your creative energy. We’ll start at 7:00 and go all night! (Not really, Ben is turning 32 that night and we love a sensible bedtime.)

  • Friday, July 8 is the performance of SHATTERED. Doors at 7:00, performance at 7:30. Come ready to: laugh, shout “Peace, freedom, and liberty!!”, destroy a statue of King George III, and reflect on what it means to live in this country now through the lens of a fifth grader’s understanding of revolution and colonialism.

  • Sunday, July 10, come back to the space for an intimate workshop, using scenes from the play as a prism for understanding our own inner children and the generative themes that drive our creative work in societal context. The workshop will begin at 2:00pm and go to 4:00pm. You can expect to journal, read from the play out loud, and discuss who you were in elementary school and who you are now in a supportive context of peers.

Ben Freeman (he/him) is a theater artist, musician, educator, and spiritual director. His theatrical work includes previous iterations of SHATTERED at PianoFight in San Francisco, culturefix and The Tank in NYC, and Brown University in Providence, RI; as well as his full-length play, The Shape of the Entire; and serving as both an actor and a director on J. Sylvan’s Beloved King: A Queer Bible Musical. As a musician, Ben’s work includes the self-released album Quiet Fury (2022) and EP Providence (2015), as well as production and music direction credits in theater and film. He teaches improv and musical theater with CO/LAB Theater Group and serves as a ritual leader at Lab/Shul, in addition to working in freelance capacities as a facilitator, spiritual director, and theater chaplain, embedding proactive spiritual care at the heart of the creative process. You can find him on Instagram here, on Bandcamp here, and on major streaming services here and here.