“Toby was incredibly generous and helpful in our consultation. He did a wonderful job scaling his advice to a size that makes sense for me right now as an artist. He was considerate and supportive, and very helpful when it came to thinking about things that I can do right now as well as looking ahead five years from now. The way he talked about longevity and sustainability made it easier to compartmentalize actionable steps I can take today to help my production, and ways to make those moves matter for me in the future as an artist. I appreciated the way he emphasized that we are playing the long game, to take some pressure off myself in order to be more present in the way I engage with folks who I am looking to build community with. I would highly recommend Toby’s consultation services. He helped ease the stress that comes with conversations about money and the arts, and made me feel like I could actually secure some funding as a normal every day person out in the world trying to make it as an artist! And that feels huge.


-Zoe Galle

Dance artist (zoegalle.com