Art from anywhere, everywhere.



Super Secret Arts is a streaming entertainment hub offering the best original performing arts experiences from artists you've never heard of...and a few you have.

With an intimate Brooklyn warehouse space for live events, and a highly interactive, VR-ready digital platform, Super Secret is creating a new paradigm for live-streaming the performing arts - all with an empowering economic model offering financial fairness and equity for artists.


Super Secret Arts exists to:


  • Grant unfettered access to the full spectrum of live performing arts for people everywhere, from major urban hubs to cultural deserts.

  • Transform the world of performing arts into a place where live and digital audiences can have equally amazing experiences.


  • Dismantle the broken economic models for artists and creators in our society and reinvent these relationships with our artists and creators in an equitable and sustainable way. 


Toby Singer (Founder and Artistic Director): Playwright, composer, and arts consultant

Kevin Laibson (Executive Producer): Producer, artistic director, and VR theatre maker

Daniella Benavides (General Manager): Theatre GM and producer

Liz O'Sullivan (Advisor): Tech director at S.T.O.P and co-founder of Arthur AI

Aaron Feinstein (Advisor): Creative producer

Drew Paryzer (Advisor): Playwright and immersive media specialist

Jennifer Feeney (Advisor): Event producer

Alyssa Simmons (Advisor): Producer and general manager at The Public Theatre

Melissa Rosen (Advisor): Strategic planner