Super Secret Arts Advisory is a boutique strategy firm that offers tailored solutions and unique ideas to the big picture questions that forward-thinking artists, creatives and organizations face today.


Our job is to empower you to make what you want to make, to grow your pursuits how you want to grow, and to expand your vision of what the future could hold.  

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What do we do?


In short, Super Secret Arts Advisory is the secret weapon in your artistic or organizational toolbox. Just in the last few months, we've:

Mentored a choreographer to find balance and satisfaction between disparate parts of a developing career.


Helped a promising artist break free form the 9-to-5 grind and craft a future based and centered around their art-making.


Helped a client reengage with long-dormant projects, and help them see new possibilities in old work.

Guided a young artist in taking the first steps towards artistic independence and organizational structure.

Helped an artist create a novel pitch strategy for a new large scale installation.

Successfully distilled a client's far-reaching artistic vision and ideas into clearly communicated message.

Demonstrated how technology opens new possibilities for progress and career advancement.

Helped develop a digital strategy for building community in a time of societal crisis.

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What's it like to work with us?


Since every client collaboration is different, here are a few folks talking about their experience working with us:

“I highly recommend Toby to anyone looking for help finding direction of the future of their artistic endeavors."

"The way he talked about longevity and sustainability made it easier to compartmentalize actionable steps I can take today. . .and ways to make those moves matter for me in the future as an artist."

"My conversations with Toby made me feel supported and confident in my steps going forward."

"I had previously felt very overwhelmed on how exactly I was going to develop my company, but after speaking with Toby I felt set up for success with specific next steps I was going to take. He is incredibly personable and knowledgeable."

"Our conversation led to new ideas about the future of my work and broadening my reach."

"Toby is not only knowledgeable about the financial nuances in non-profit and for-profit ventures, but as an artist himself, he also knows the artistic community and the struggles we face to find resources to create.”


"He asked lots of questions that were not only for himself but also led me to analyze and think about my goals and work in new contexts."

"He has already widened my perspective as to the potential for growth in the new year and beyond."

"He was considerate and supportive, and very helpful when it came to thinking about things that I can do right now as well as looking ahead five years from now."

"As an artist himself, he totally understands the unique nature and demands of an individual project, and offers concrete, actionable advice in an easy manner to understand.”

"He helped ease the stress that comes with conversations about money and the arts, and made me feel like I could actually secure some funding as a normal every day person out in the world trying to make it as an artist! And that feels huge."


About S2A2


Super Secret Arts Advisory is led by Toby Singer, an arts advisor and working artist, originally from Michigan, and now based in Brooklyn.

Toby has been working, creating, and helping others make work in New York City and elsewhere for fifteen years. He's committed to, and takes great joy in the facilitation of the work of others, and takes pride in the artistic community that he has helped foster over his years in the city.

In his own work, his theatrical projects have been produced off-Broadway, regionally, and academically, and have been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Time Out New York.

Toby holds a B.A. in Music from the University of Michigan and an M.F.A. in Performing Arts Management from Brooklyn College.

To learn more about Toby's artistic projects, visit his website or for pictures of his dog, visit his instagram.


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During the 30 to 40 minute initial consultation, you’ll discuss your artistic journey and background, where you stand right now, and where you are looking to go in the future. 

Then, together with Toby, you'll make a plan for working together. This could take the form of regular advisory sessions on the phone, Zoom/in-person meetings, or a different structure. As each of our artistic identities are unique, a collaboration with Super Secret Arts Advisory is catered to your specific situation and needs.

We look forward to speaking with you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


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