Super Secret Arts is a theater and live arts company based in Brooklyn, New York 

We originate and produce live and digital performances and installations that you can experience in-person physically and online through a number of virtual modalities.


We seek to change the economic paradigm around theatermaking, by eschewing traditional forms of funding in favor of a membership model granting unlimited access to all of our performances, for one reasonable monthly fee.We hope to use this new economic paradigm to do our part in repairing the toxic, broken economic reality of theater-making, for artists, creatives, crew, and staff.


Essentially, Super Secret Arts is our answer to the question: if theater was invented today, what would a modern theater company look like? 


We intend to create and produce art that is full of the seriousness, the meaningless, and the preciousness of life, all at once.

While we're a theater company, we think theater can mean music, comedy, improv, dance, cabaret, drag, inscrutable stuff, singalongs, immersive experiences, and yes, Theatre.  


While we stand for joyful art, we stand even more for joyful art-making.

We see genre as a hat to wear. One should own a number of hats.


We are driven by a responsibility to make art that shines a flashlight on a troubled, badly broken world, even if we don’t understand if or how our contribution helps. We must do our part, even though that is almost certainly not enough.