Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions folks ask about
our model, membership, and ticketing.

How do I get a ticket to a show?


Super Secret Arts doesn’t have tickets the way most live arts producers do. We’re built on a membership model. It’s essentially Netflix for live performance.


To come to a Super Secret Arts show, you either purchase a membership and then reserve a seat (for free), or come as a guest of an existing member. Membership gives you unlimited, free access to all the shows happening on a monthly basis, space permitting. It’s like a ticket that gets you in all month long. It also gives you the ability to bring guests for $15/person to any of those shows.


Coming soon, that membership will also entitle you to access to an array of digital offerings, including virtual reality versions of our live shows, exclusive video and audio content, and digital-only installations.


Does my membership auto-renew?


Yes, on a monthly basis.

Do I have to sign up in advance? Or can I just show up and buy a membership at the box office?


It helps us streamline the process if you do sign up and reserve seats in advance, but you can absolutely sign up (and purchase seats for any guests) when you arrive at the venue. QR codes linking to the sign-up page are prominently displayed in the lobby and entrance foyer. Simply scan the code, sign up, and show your confirmation email to the staff member at the door.


Can I buy a ticket for a guest at the door?


Yes, you can buy access for guests for $15/person at the door, whether you bought your membership ahead of time, or at the venue. We accept credit cards and cash.

I just want to come to one show. Can I just buy a single ticket?

If you only want to come to a single, specific show, you have two options: 1) You could go with someone that is a member as a guest of theirs for $15, with no further obligation on your part or 2) we have a limited number of single tickets available at the door ($30 for repertory programming, $39 for mainstage shows).

Where do the shows happen?


Currently, all shows happen at our Gowanus venue on the second floor of 400 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215. We’re a short walk from the 4th and 9th FGR, and the B103 stops right outside our door. We’re around the corner from the Gowanus Whole Foods, if that helps.

How do I cancel my membership?


Pause your membership first! Go to 'your account' and click 'join new plan'. Select 'Super Secret Pause' - this plan is free, and keeps you in our community. You will not be able to come to shows, buy guest passes, or access digital content while on this plan. If you prefer to cancel, you can do so from inside 'your account'.


I love your space! Can I rent it?


We do rent our space, primarily for photo and film shoots, as well as meetings, auditions, and some events. Email us at peekaboo@supersecretarts.com and tell us what you’re thinking.


What are your COVID policies?


We want everyone to be safe and stay healthy as we all traverse what is hopefully the tail end of the pandemic. We require proof of vaccination and a matching photo ID for entrance to any of our shows and events. Mask wearing is mandatory while not actively eating or drinking.


So what’s the deal with the owls?


Owls are quirky and nocturnal -  a little like us. The owl perched above Owl Bar is named Specs. He’s our mascot. Take pictures with him!

I want to perform at Super Secret Arts. What are my options?


Super Secret Arts is currently accepting artistic submissions. For artists interested in being included as part of our programming season, please use this form. If you are interested in renting our space for a show, concert, run, or other use, please reach out to Peekaboo Pointe at peekaboo@supersecretarts.com.

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