New York, welcome to Super Secret Arts 

We're so excited to meet you.

We're a brand new theater company bridging the gap between interdisciplinary live performance and immersive digital content, centered around an innovative members-only venue in beautiful, Gowanus, Brooklyn. You know where the Gowanus Whole Foods is? Near there. 


$25 a month gets you unlimited access to every show we put up in our beautiful loft space in Gowanus. That means, for just $25 a month, you can come to any show we put up for 30 days after your first reservation, space permitting. 


It also means, starting in Q1 of 2022, you’ll have unlimited access to a plethora of digital offerings, including immersive versions of some of the same shows happening in our physical space, and special digital-only offerings.


Finally, are you venturing out, post-pandemic, and starting to, *gasp* socialize? Super Secret Arts members get access to extra tickets (for $15 each) to bring friends, lovers, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, partners and pets (not pets).

Join Super Secret Arts today, and help us change theater, forever.