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Sunday, May 1
Paul Steven Ray - 6:00pm
Vessels To Motherland - 7:00pm

Sunday, June 5  
Kathleen Supové - 7:00pm
Sunday July 3    
Howie Kenty - 6:00pm


Sunday Social


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It helps us streamline the process if you do sign up and reserve seats in advance, but you can absolutely sign up (and purchase seats for any guests) when you arrive at the venue. QR codes linking to the sign-up page are prominently displayed in the lobby and entrance foyer. Simply scan the code, sign up, and show your confirmation email to the staff member at the door.


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Beginning in Q1 of 2022, that membership will also entitle you to access to an array of digital offerings, including virtual reality versions of our live shows, exclusive video and audio content, and digital-only installations.


Where do the shows happen?


Currently, all shows happen at our Gowanus venue on the second floor of 400 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215. We’re a short walk from 4th and 9th FGR, and the B103 stops right outside our door. We’re around the corner from the Gowanus Whole Foods, if that helps.


What are your COVID policies?


We want everyone to be safe and stay healthy as we all traverse what is hopefully the tail end of the pandemic. We require proof of vaccination and a matching photo ID for entrance to any of our shows and events. We encourage mask wearing while not actively eating or drinking.

On the first Sunday of every month, some of NYC’s finest experimental, classical and electronic musicians gather for early evening concerts. Curated by Melinda Faylor, of the former experimental music hub Areté. Featuring Kathleen Supové, Vessels to Motherland, Howie Kenty, SaaWee, Paul S. Ray, and more to come.



Paul Steven Ray's work  has been heard in a wide range of venues including Issue Project Room, The Stone, ShapeShifterLab, Trans Pecos, and KnockdownCenter. He has composed work for  WHITENOISE V, the International Electro-Acoustic Festival, Cosmoson-Paris, CERF Festival, North River Music Series, and Composers Now.

He has collaborated with Bora Yoon, Vernon Reid, Nate Wooley, Oblaat, Pheeroan Ak Laff, Brandon Ross, Yuko Fujiyama, Cyro Baptista, and Val–Inc. 

He is the leader/composer of BlueBlackDream, NineNine, and partner with Theresa Rosas in the Ray-Rosas Project. He has composed four operas:  Sally Distance(premiered by Bora Yoon at Galapagos Art Space), Sleeperhold( Issue Project Room), SplitRock( ShapeShifterlab), and  the Good Narrow Night( The Church of the Intercession Crypt.

His poetic soundscape multimedia piece I Wish You Were There When I Was There, was performed at The GreenKill Gallery Kingston NY.

Recent releases: The Ticking and Some People Float are available on bandcamp. He is currently developing a large scale multimedia work to be performed in multiple stages in different venues. A new trio recording is forthcoming in the spring of 2022.


Paul Steven Ray

Sunday Social May 1st

An Evening With:

high_res-4823 (1).jpg

Sunday Social May 1st

An Evening With:

Vessels To Motherland

Bridging the ancient with the new, electroacoustic duo Vessels to Motherland create a music of its own breed, steering between heavy industrial and evocative ambient, navigating through seas of psychedelia, journeying with humans and robots alike.


Their debut album, MACHINE LIEDER, is a collection of songs by machines imbued with human urges. Screaming out of metal shells are memories of distant worlds, cries for lost connections, dreams of a digital utopia, soliloquies on the human condition. A song cycle for cyborgs, it expresses the complexity of the modern world. It is a return to sources and a scratch dance of immortality. A bright whisper from the future, and a muffled scream from inside the power plant.


Living between chaos and order, the sound of Vessels to Motherland exists in the in-between, the interzones of human experience, at the junction of methods.


Vessels to Motherland consists of composer/producer/pianist Danica Borisavljevic, and composer/producer/violinist Nikita Morozov, based in NYC.


The union of the two classically-trained musicians coincided with a mutual calling for electronic music, psychedelic soundscapes, and otherworldly sound treatments. With decades of concert hall performances behind them, Borisavljevic and Morozov have synthesized a new chapter, a reminiscence from the future, with sails reaching to Roedelius’ piano tones, chains tied to Nine Inch Nails’ raw distortion, anchors extending to Murail’s spectralism...

Karjaka Studios - Kathleen Supove_0080.jpg

Sunday Social June 5th

An Evening With:

Kathleen Supové, Pianist


“What Ms. Supové is really exploding is the piano recital as we have known it, a mission more radical and arguably more needed.” Anthony Tommasini, NY Times.

In May, 2012, Supové received the John Cage Award from ASCAP for “the artistry and passion with which she performs, commissions, records, and champions the music of our time.”

Ms. Supové annually presents a series of solo concerts entitled THE EXPLODING PIANO. She has performed with Yamaha Disklaviers, laptop orchestras, robots, and XReality. Upcoming projects include a collection of works based on Migration; Guy & Doll, a piano-electronics duo with Guy Barash; Anti-Depressant, a violin-piano duo with Jennifer Choi; an opera based on the life of Hedy Lamarr; and Shocking Red, a song collection with Michelle Shocked, based on paintings of Mark Kostabi.

In composition, she has been commissioned by Bargemusic, Ladies First, Composers’ Concordance, Kyo Shin An Arts, inaddition to tonight’s project.

In February 2021, she received agrant from the Brooklyn Arts Council to present her own work as well as that of other NYC artists.

For more info, visit or follow on Facebook (Exploding Piano).