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LOCATION 1:  Sunset Terrace

Part 1   Hint: Read the time on the sundial!

Part 1   Answer:  7

Part 2   Hint: Look at the last entry on the schedule!

Part 2   Answer: Fire Feature


LOCATION 2:  Fire Feature


Answer:  Double tap the bottle to hold it, then turn around and walk it over to the fake fire on the grass. When you hold it over the flame, the cork will pop off!




LOCATION 1:  Tiki Terrace (one level down from the hotel lobby, near a hedge, facing the hotel)


Hint 1:

The crossword clues are:

1 Down - “Breezes in your way”

2 Down - “These meet at the beach”

1 Across - “She swims in the waters from here to Key Largo. She’s half of a fish,

and her name is Margo.”

Hint 2: 

For the answers to 1 Down and 2 Down, look to the names of the boutiques.


1 Down - Crosswind

2 Down - Surf + Sand

3 Down - Mermaid

LOCATION 2: Margo the Mermaid Statue (just to the right of the base)

To solve: After you’ve scanned the tile marker, locate the necklace and double tap on it to carry. Place the necklace in the bubble on the chest of the 3D image of Margo the Mermaid.


LOCATION 3:  Hallway by the Boutiques


To solve: Tap a key and then tap a door to try and open it. There's a prize behind one door, and surprises behind the others!




LOCATION 1: Palms Terrace (near a speaker under a bush)


Hint: Look for the animated 3d bunny and type in what they're doing and what’s floating above its head.


Answer: Bell hop


LOCATION 2:  Main Lobby (in the planter by the bellhop station) 


Hint: Using the middle initials from the monograms on the suitcases, spell your next location.


Answer: Gym


LOCATION 3: Outside the Fitness Center (on the lawn, near the windows in to the fitness center)


To solve: Double tap to pick up the watering can. Approach the AR budding plant and tip the watering can towards the plant. You’ll see it begin to grow. Hold it there as the plant sprouts and a bird flies out!




Location: Beach just outside Quin’s


To solve: Use the metal detector (you can move it around the screen with your finger) to find where the treasure is buried. Walk around the beach until the circle on the metal detector’s display is in the center.




Location: 10K Alley (behind a trash can)

To solve: Tap the key to pick it up, and using your phone, physically place the key in the treasure chest